Are You Meeting Patron Expectations – And Your Own?

Devin Meister

May 19, 2022

You’re dedicated to the mission of creating the best experience for your patrons possible. But at the same time, you have to be a good steward of all of your resources.

This creates a conundrum because your resources will always have some constraints, while patron expectations are high and don’t seem to have any limits. From patrons’ perspective, changes and advancements seen in the public and business world should automatically appear in their parks and recreation exchanges. We know that’s not always the case, but there are steps you can take.

We looked around the parks and rec space to see what creates a blue ribbon experience for everyone, what’s reasonable to expect, and what departments and municipalities can do to level up the satisfaction for everyone. We found many great examples, but also some that could take small steps for big improvements. The best-in-class examples ranged in size and geography, proving that leadership and initiative was the prime differentiator. Take a quick quiz created by Parks and Recreation Business to see how you compare to other parks and recreation organizations across the country: