Blazing New Paths and Grooming the Trails

Devin Meister

December 28, 2020

Yes, 2020 was a lot for everyone. That’s why we’ve been listening and working non-stop, building, adding to, and refining our solutions to make it easier and more enjoyable for our customers and their patrons to engage with their community. Oh, and safer too, of course.

Following are nine of the newest features in RecTrac that can assist you with COVID-related solutions and situations as we get through the holidays and enter the coming winter months. As always, be on the lookout for more announcements in the weeks ahead!

1. Simplify the Experience – WebTrac Next Gen User Interface (UI)
Next-Gen offers a superior user experience for your patrons. It’s being deployed to all new migrations and early adopters. Your patrons are going to love you for it.

2. Streamline Entry – Pass Memberships
Let your members take advantage of scannable barcodes in WebTrac for their active passes for simple, safe, contactless entry..

3. Stay Connected – SMS Text Messaging
Take advantage of this great subscription service to get time-sensitive communications to your patrons wherever they are and when it’s most convenient – and critical.

4. Don’t Man the Station – Kiosks
With unmanned kiosk stations, you’ll enable members to easily swipe in and anyone to record attendance or “drop in” to activities, all while enabling social distancing and contact-less entry to your facilities.

5. Keep the Facts Straight – CampDoc and ePACT
You know your patrons, but keeping critical forms up-to-date protects everyone. These Activity module integrations provide options for collecting and storing medical and emergency information for your patrons.

6. Eliminate Hoops – RecTrac Single Sign On (SSO)
Everyone knows that passwords are necessary … and an aggravating barrier at times. Eliminate jumping through hoops with a secure single sign-on option that doesn’t require VIC. Note: Available for Hosted customers only, except for any on-premise customers who are already utilizing our VIC Active Directory integration.

7. Enable Your Staff, Wherever They Are – Mobile MainTrac
We’ve added a number of new mobile features that minimize the need for face-to-face interactions and also get your park staff away from paper and pencil solutions.

8. Work Your Way – Dynamic GL Interface
Everybody has their own preferred way of working and nobody likes to be pigeonholed. Now you can create your own custom GL Interfaces through configuration instead of relying on custom development.

9. Put Your Unique Personality First – Dynamic AR Brochure
Similar to the GL Interface, this program allows you to create your own custom AR Brochure, bringing your brand and the unique aspects of your community front and center.

Leading the Way in Recreation Management

All of these features are available in RecTrac, which was released on December 15th, 2020. Have questions? Be sure to contact support about these features or their uses and moving your community forward. We’ll be happy to help you out!