eCheck Another Thing off Your List

Devin Meister

December 6, 2022

The digital revolution has brought many changes and efficiencies to our lives everywhere. Those advantages haven’t stopped coming, but importantly, more and more of them provide advantages to all of the parties involved.

Consider this different form of digital payment that is now available: eChecks benefit both the department and customers, streamlining processes and enabling faster funding.

Why Would Anyone Use an eCheck?

eChecks are ideal for a variety of recurring payments such as memberships or annual passes because the customer only has to provide authorization once. In fact, for RecTrac users, it follows the same process as establishing a credit card billing record, making it easy to get started. With that in place, they can go about their lives and never miss a beat – or waste time and paper –  writing another check. That provides some key benefits.

eCheck Advantages for your Community

For patrons, they get the ultimate in convenience, ReCaptcha enabled for secure online payments, but without a credit card. A routing number verification process reduces the potential for a customer error. If a payment is rejected for any reason (NSF, invalid account #, etc.), the transaction is automatically reversed and the balance is posted to the household.

eCheck Advantages for your Department

From the department side, eChecks eliminate the manual processes of handling paper checks, offers consistent fund settlement times (typically 2-5 days), and smaller transaction fees. Like it does for patrons, if there is an issue with the payment (an error or invalid transaction for example), it can be reversed. That’s not possible or easily accommodated in some other processes.

Additionally, it enables departments to move away from manual ACH processes. That means eliminating time manually exporting NACHA files to the bank for fulfillment, among other things. And RecTrac users can directly import existing account information to RecTrac for billing, streamlining the process, enhancing the tracking of transactions, and minimizing opportunities for errors.

All told, eCheck is a great user-friendly solution for patrons that also benefits the department.

Learn more about how eCheck and other modern digital payment processes can simultaneously streamline your processes and enhance the patron experience.