Scale Parks and Rec Offerings without Crippling Resources

Devin Meister

September 14, 2023

One thing has impacted parks and recreation departments everywhere: the labor shortage.

It’s a problem that’s not going away, but also one that can be remedied by technology in many instances. Take memberships and visit check-ins at your sites for example. Technology can be used in a variety of ways, from Kiosks to mobile devices to ensure you capture valid, accurate data, while freeing up resources to perform other tasks. But are these technologies being adopted?

We recently conducted an extensive survey through Parks and Recreation Business including those topics. One thing is clear; the future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed. Consider these results related to the state of Check-In and Member Pass technology across the industry for example.

Check-Ins – Maximizing Staff Contributions and Minimizing Friction

With recent developments in technology, tying staff to a desk or counter and checking in visitors is not necessary or the best use of their valuable time. Those processes can often be shifted to self-service options of one type or another. In fact, 40% of those we recently surveyed have moved to some type of self-service check-in. This frees their staff to provide more personal attention or complete other tasks throughout the facility or areas, while still ensuring the community can get the access they need.

Member Passes – Get Insights You Need to Lead Your Organization Forward

Knowing who uses your amenities and when is critical to determining your future plans. The more information, the better. Member passes are a critical connection in this loop. However, every method isn’t created equal. Some passes don’t automatically collect any information and require manual processes. Many of the 19% of organizations still using some type of paper member pass fall into this category. Advancing beyond that, departments are working to reduce the friction patrons experience upon entry, some getting to nearly zero with biometric options.

Patron Experience Trends

These are just two of a host of insights we discovered in our recent survey. Get your free copy of the complete report here:

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About the Results

Vermont Systems and Parks and Recreation Business (PRB) conducted a survey available to PRB readers and online audiences through June and July of 2022. Participants were not paid to complete the survey. More than 130 individuals completed the survey, representing 44 states and provinces across the USA and Canada.