SMS Text Messaging

Vermont Systems

October 14, 2020

Stay Connected with Your Patrons

With the amazing Vermont fall foliage now in full swing, I like to think of what fall means to me. Fall is all about change. The end of summer is the most obvious change, but fall also means a new school year, fall sports, and for many of you, a new “season” in your operation.

The changes this fall are also impacted by COVID-19 and how your department, state, and region are all affected by the pandemic. How and what you offer for services may be different than it ever was, which makes communication with your patrons more critical. Keeping your clients informed and up to date is more important than ever. To help you meet your communication needs, Vermont Systems now offers SMS texting as an option for our 3.1 customers. SMS texting provides priority text messaging using SMS Short Code, optimized for large volume notifications. Some of the benefits of SMS texting include:

  • RecTrac SMS Texting uses “Short Code” text process.
  • All major Cell Carriers accept Short Codes.
  • ZERO risk of text messages being flagged as spam.
  • SMS provides the highest throughput for messages – 100/second.
  • Great for high volume/group alerts & notifications.
  • No time restrictions: process SMS texts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Communicate with specific demographic groups from your RecTrac database, such as all people in a specific program or membership.

SMS texting is offered as an add-on service to your RecTrac solution. Keep in touch with your patrons, anytime, anywhere with RecTrac SMS Texting. Contact the Vermont Systems Sales team today for additional details and information.