Why PayTrac is More Reliable Than Plug-and-Pay

Devin Meister

October 1, 2021

Any time you’re talking about exchanging currency, trust should be at the top of the list of requirements. That doesn’t just mean patron transactions – though it certainly includes that – but also your payment partner activities.

Do their future plans include your needs for example? Will they communicate upcoming changes in a human and timely manner that won’t force your hand?

We looked around the industry at current solutions, saw there should be a better way, and launched PayTrac. It’s one solution you can trust to better serve the payment needs of the parks and recreation industry, just like we have with our other solutions.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Q: Will my provider communicate costly and dramatic changes in a timely manner?

A: Vermont Systems won’t necessitate a PNP interface change with a month’s notice for example.

Q: Is my payment partner doing everything to mitigate risk?

A: PayTrac offers point-to-point encryption, an increased level of control and visibility, along with minimal reliance on external partners.

Q: Are they PCI compliant?

A: This is a major consideration. If not, why not?

Q: Will they keep pace with change and expectations?

A: PayTrac ensures that you are offering the latest enhancements and capabilities as the industry evolves, providing future proof value

Q: Can they accommodate patron payment technology expectations?

A: Whether it’s contactless payments, chip readers, or other new hardware and technology if they haven’t already implemented it, what are their plans and how will it be communicated?

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