The Perfect Contract for Every Event and Venue

A funny thing happens while you’re delivering a great experience for your patrons: the contracts go crazy. That’s because every event is different and requires adjustments that a standard contract can’t accommodate. A wedding isn’t the same as a reunion which isn’t the same as a conference. The results are often manual processes, inaccuracies and either the patrons not getting what they want or the department not accurately accounting for all of the services offered. Or worse – liabilities that put the department at risk. That’s why we created the enhanced capabilities of our new Contract Management feature for RecTrac.

Simplify Multi-Faceted

Track Document



Simplify the Complex

Vermont Systems Contract Management enables departments to create accurate contracts that account for the uniqueness of events while streamlining the processes, reporting and billing. This assures that patrons get what they desire and everything is tracked and reported accurately.

  • Manage complex reservations, associated rental items, and other fees all in one place.
  • Create unlimited contracts and keep a record of document history
  • Bundle facility reservations and rental items into an easy-to-manage contract
  • Institute comprehensive and consistent payment plans
  • Create repeatable payment plan templates or customer ad hoc payment plans
  • Send invoices for payments due or automatically debit accounts or credit cards on file
  • Group contract bills for long-term reservations in arrears or in advance on any interval you choose
  • Create bills based on total fees under a contract (across any number of line items)

How it Works

Contract Management enables departments to work across modules in RecTrac to create easy-to-manage contracts that maximize efficiency.