COVID-19 Resources

A Message from our Municipal Services Team

During these unprecedented times we are all challenged to think differently in terms of how we can perform our job duties remotely.  Please know that the Vermont Systems Municipal Services team is available to help in any way we can. With all the wonderful tools (MS Teams, Zoom) we now have available to assist us with our remote work this may be the time to take advantage of some of our services as things have slowed down. As you all are aware your teams, facilities, and programs need to be ready when the country comes out this challenge. This is a great time to tune up! Some of the remote services that we offer include:

  • Software Application Training (RecTrac, MainTrac, GolfTrac, WebTrac). This services is billed by the hour. We can utilized video conferencing to connect to your team wherever they may be as long as they have internet access.
  • RecTrac Migration. More customers are converting their on-site RecTrac 3.1 migration to remote migrations for a number of reasons. While June-July periods are typically a busy time, migrating now might make sense.
  • Remote implementations of RecTrac, GolfTrac, MainTrac and WebTrac.  Do you have RecTrac 3.1? We can easily on board our MainTrac application for your parks crew.  Take advantage of labor costs, inspections, work order and pm which can all be done from a mobile device if desired.
  • Streamline Operations and Processes. Now is a great time for database audits, clean up and customization to simplify screens and processes
  • WebTrac Review. Have you reviewed your WebTrac splash page currently?  Would you like to simplify the page or modernize your look and feel?  Please click this link to view available options.
    We’ll get through this. Taking steps to be prepared and stronger on the other side will determine how quickly we recover and adapt to the new environment.

Updates and Information about COVID-19

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