COVID-19 Resources

A Message from Sales

We realize that many of you have staff working from home and are facing other hurdles for you and your team to meet work obligations.

VSI Remote Access

A lot of you have contacted us for assistance with remote access to your RecTrac database. In this instance our strongest option is VSI Cloud, our fully hosted service. During these challenging times we have incorporated methods to fast-track getting your system set up in our Cloud, which had many other benefits in addition to remote access. You can learn more here or contact our sales team at for more information.

Staying Connected – SMS

Were you aware that SMS texting was available through RecTrac? It offers a robust, reliable, and efficient solution to deliver time sensitive information. Get details and learn more about available options here.

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Updates and Information about COVID-19
For more information and updates related to COVID-19, visit our dedicated page here: