COVID-19 Resources

A Message from VSI Support, Services and Education Team

As always, Vermont Systems is here to support you. Our normal business hours are not changing: we will be available from 8:00 AM EDT until 8:00 PM EDT Monday through Friday. We will also continue to have emergency coverage after hours. If needed, please contact 1-802-490-1911, to leave a message for a prompt return call. Our online Knowledge Base is always available in the support portal.

If you need help on RecTrac items like those bulleted below, don’t forget to review the Special Edition RecChat from 3/16/20 that covered these and other important topics that COVID-19 has required you to focus on. Login to the Support portal ( and search for RecChat by date to watch the video and FAQ to this session along with many others, including:

  • Bulk emailing or RecConnect
  • Bulk Cancellations
  • Bulk Updates
  • SMS texting

For additional information on all the VSI.EDU services, including RecChat’s, Virtual Symposiums and the RecTrac Lab, click here:

Credit Card Safety Protocol

Elavon, one of our credit card partners, sent a brief PDF on how to clean a card reader unit that should be a great benefit to everyone. You can download it here.

Updates and Information about COVID-19

For more information and updates related to COVID-19, visit our dedicated page here: