Child and Youth Management Services FAQs

Will CYMS software print my annual report data?

CYMS has a variety of reports that can produce portions of the DoD Annual Report. CYMS can also produce the registered member portion of the Boys & Girls Club report and many other flexible reports to provide statistics on military statuses, military grades, branch, ranks, hourly,  income categories, gender, age groups, enrollments, registrations and visits to help with those sudden data calls.

Are on-installation and off-installation providers tracked by CYMS?

Yes. All providers can be added to the system and reported on in a variety of ways including  basic name and address information, training, background checks, certifications, backup plans, subsidies, endorsements, recognitions, pets, medical conditions, operation plans, inspections, home visits, administrative actions, days and hours, program types supported, special requirements, age groups supported, provider bios and photos, general comments and more!

Does CYMS allow me to track my staff?

CYMS allows you to enter and report on all relevant staff data including basic name and address information, endorsements, assignments, room visits, administrative actions, recognitions, background checks, training, credentials and evaluations, medical conditions, funding and benefits, previous experience, general comments and more.

Can CYMS do weekly or semi-monthly billing?

CYMS can automatically bill on a weekly, semi-monthly or monthly basis. Fees can be charged to the sponsor’s credit card or bank account or be charged as a balance to their household to be paid at a later date. CDC and SA fees are automatically calculated and charged based on the sponsor’s income level and built-in first child/second child rules. CYMS will also pro-rate child care accurately when children are starting in or leaving your center.

Instructional programs can be set up with recurring billing frequencies and/or flat fee structures.

Can CYMS handle my school-age and youth programs?

CYMS is designed to handle all aspects of the childcare world from birth to adulthood. Not only does CYMS allow you to manage your full day and part-day programs, annual registrations and hourly care, it allows you to setup, maintain and report on your before and after school programs, summer camps, sports programs, instructional programs, teen programs and more.