Jumpstart Your Vermont Solution

Maximize Your Vermont System with Custom Onsite Training

You’re new to Vermont Systems RecTrac. Your lead user just left. Or you want to level up your team’s skills to provide a better patron experience. No matter what your situation, Vermont Systems Onsite training can help you reach your goals and get the maximum value from your system for your team and community.

Getting to the Front

We’re proud to say that Vermont Systems RecTrac is the most comprehensive and complete solution for parks and recreation management in the industry. That’s by design. Because it is such a broad and capable solution, whatever your department wants to do, it likely can. The issue is you don’t know what you don’t know. With more than three decades of experience, we speak “park world.” We get and understand your issues and have probably solved them before. Onsite training puts that knowledge and experience in front of your team with a focus that can’t be matched any other way.

Onsite Benefits

  •  Focused attention ensures that best practices are understood – and actually instituted!
  • Team members are vested in the sessions and learning isn’t put off until “sometime”
  • Onsite expert is inhouse to answer questions and address concerns as they happen
  • Group collaboration helps uncover real value and builds comradery.

How We Work

You tell us your goals and we’ll help structure your agenda and class experience. That gives you the flexibility to address known gaps within your team and get maximum value going forward. Timelines and dates are dependent on you, goals, and trainer availability. Of course, we’ll also accommodate and address questions and work-flows as they happen during the sessions in real-time. These teachable moments within your department are only possible in an active on-site training format. To learn more and get started, contact April Leafey.

What Participants Say

“We’ve been on RecTrac for twelve years. Coming out of COVID we wanted to make sure we were as efficient as possible. Vermont Systems on-site training put our entire team on the same page.”
Chris Brown,
Chattanooga, TN

“We’re trying to bring our department to the next level by making the customer interface more user friendly. That what’s led us to the onsite training. Vermont Systems came once in 2020 when we did the original transition to the new software – and then we had them come back again for 2022 and 2023.” 
Matthew Stopa
Lancaster, PA