Integrated Payment Processing

Vermont Systems is now a Payment Facilitator; a specific term in the payments industry that describes a business that takes on the onboarding, underwriting and associated risk to process card-present and card not present (online) transactions.


Our payment environment was developed from the start with a focus on security, made possible by a secure software layer, sponsoring bank, and tokenization service. This ensures secure collection and encryption of data, tokenization, and storage of the payment data.

Vermont Systems PayTrac enables you to: 

  • Implement an EMV solution that is PCI compliant and allows for chip processing
  • Manage all payments within a single system
  • Accurately track patron credit card transactions
  • Execute enhanced reporting capabilities for improved patron payment insight
  • Gain direct access to payment solution resources and support
  • You can even lease the hardware you need to get started – Learn More
  • Offer the convenience of eChecks for patrons