RecTrac 10.3 Extended Support

RecTrac 10.3 Extended Support Program

In 2014, the RecTrac 3.1 version was released. Since then, hundreds of your peers and RecTrac users have migrated from the 10.3 version to RecTrac3.1. In the years since its release, RecTrac 3.1 has been continuously updated and improved to meet the needs of our customers. In 2019, the RecTrac 3.1 Next Gen update was released and provides a significant modernization and update to the 3.1 user interface. RecTrac Next Gen is a browser based, mobile friendly, secure platform that provides for custom configuration to meet your business needs. It offers consistent workflows across all system modules and access to enhanced reporting for greater visibility allowing for data-driven decisions.

Patron Benefits

Your patrons will also benefit from the migration to RecTrac 3.1 Next Gen. Some key patron highlights include:

  • A comprehensive update and modernization of the WebTrac 3.1 patron interface
  • Improved mobile access via WebTrac for all online services offered
  • Streamlined management of members across any number of RecTrac household accounts
  • Automated reporting and marketing – providing more consistent client communication
  • Updated payment processing workflows – simplifying the users payment experience, including contactless payment options
  • Improved social media integration
  • Access ticket options available across all 3.1 Modules – providing social distancing count control capabilities

What Does This Mean for 10.3 Customers?

Going forward, Vermont Systems is focusing on the RecTrac 3.1 version and its continuous improvement. That means that upgrades/updates (all development) for older versions, including RecTrac 10.3 ended on June 30th, 2021. Customers remaining on 10.3 run the risk of the software not functioning as expected due to software updates from other vendors (e.g. MS windows, security, etc.) impacting the application. The customer will be solely responsible for patching, fixing, or otherwise addressing these issues.

What if I’m not Migrated to RecTrac 3.1?

If you require continued support for your RecTrac 10.3 database after December 31, 2021, we will offer Limited Extended Support services until Dec 31, 2023. RecTrac 10.3 Limited Extended Support services will include:

  • Transactional troubleshooting
  • General reporting guidance
  • Best practice RecTrac/WebTrac workflow guidance
  • Troubleshooting database utilities – such as backups and period end processing
  • Basic credit card processing troubleshooting

The following are NOT included with the RecTrac 10.3 Limited Extended Support service:

  • Development tasks, including new enhancements
  • Fixes, regardless of severity or business impact
  • Updates of RecTrac 10.3 software for performance or security issues
  • Updates for hardware or third-party driver or hardware model changes
  • Updates on third-party interfaces or custom VS programs
  • Client or Server Installation script trouble shooting

RecTrac 10.3 Limited Extended Support Service Fee Structure:

Fees will be charged based on current user count licensing and are in addition to regular Annual Maintenance fees. These are the fees for 2023.

  • Basic (2-5 users): $630.00 flat rate (for the year) (or $52.50/month)
  • Work Group (6-39): $1260.00 flat rate (for the year) (or $105.00/month)
  • Enterprise (40+): $2520.00 flat rate (for the year) (or $210.00/month)

What Is the Next Step if I’m not Scheduled for My 3.1 Migration?

We’d like to arrange a call to discuss your options and create a migration plan for your organization. Rest assured that we have processes and procedures in place to manage your migration to RecTrac 3.1 remotely, based on the times that are most convenient for you. The software migration to RecTrac 3.1 is included in your annual maintenance fees – the only migration costs are for training for the new release (training is required). Use the form below to schedule a call with our team at your convenience.