Connect Your Patrons to Your Brand with One Integrated Solution

WebTrac takes the power of RecTrac and makes it accessible to your community. The result is a user-friendly interface for your patrons with just one information source for you to manage. Real-time transactions and customized screens in your brand make every interaction with your organization seamless and project a professionally polished image – because it is. Saving you time while providing patrons a better experience, what’s better than that?

Choose from standard templates to get up and running fast, or custom designs to incorporate your complete brand personality.

Events and

Sports and

Facilities and

Shops and

Military Youth Management



Events and Classes

Activity Registration
Allow registrations on a first come/first serve or a lottery, provide customized search functionality, and features that streamline registrations for families and multiple activities.

Venue Ticketing
Efficiently manage seating with graphics or list, ticket location requests, multiple configurations, build packages, offer “will call” tickets print barcode tickets and more.

Trip Reservation
Search for trip packages with itineraries, waitlists, rosters, and reserve it all from the web.

Personal Trainer
Allow patrons to reserve trainers, view bios and photos, and see all of their transaction details.

Sports and Leagues

League Scheduling
Simplify participation with online team registrations, with league schedule and standing for any league or specific team.

Court Reservation
Enable patrons to make and cancel reservations in real-time, with custom searches and the ability to reserve multiple courts.

Golf Course Management
Offer online tee-time reservations with sophisticated parameters, including member priority, maximum times per day, and days in advance for reservations.

Facilities and Equipment

Facility Reservation
Enable patrons to manage schedules for rooms, fields, gyms, parks, and any other facility, with extensive tracking and full integration, including billing.

Pass Management
Enable pass or membership registration or renewals, with the ability to view and print their history.

Equipment & Site Rental
Offer patrons birds-eye views of facilities and the ability to make equipment and site rental reservations online.

Locker Rental
Search for lockers using types, keywords, location and other criteria.

Shops and Concessions

Point of Sale
Accept donations from patrons electronically, enable household POS accounts, “will call” at the venue or tickets printed online.

Military Youth Management

Custom configurations for each military branch enable the safe and secure registration, reservation, check-ins and more for military families.


Enable stronger connections with your community through convenient reporting options for your patrons to access at home, including:

  • Check balances and statements
  • View roster listings and calendars
  • Export calendars to Outlook, Google, or iCalendar
  • Review usage and value by tracking visits

Mobile Solutions

Let patrons take the power of RecTrac and everything you have to offer with the ability to complete common tasks and check status anytime, anywhere. For even greater connectivity and engagement, there’s the WebTrac App. It brings custom app capabilities to parks and recreation departments without the need for developers or a custom app price.